Thursday, July 3, 2014

Made in USA Giveaway Hop

Who doesn't like a chance to win prizes and show their love for American products? That's why I had to let all my readers know that Green Moms Network, Easy Green Mom, and Brittleby's corner are hosting a seriously awesome Made in the USA Giveaway Hop.

Hope you win a great prize!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Take It Outside With Green Toys

Green, American and Affordable. That is the ultimate shopping trifecta. Sometimes, you might find an item that is American and Green, but Affordable seems to like to go off and play by himself. 

Green Toys magically unites eco-friendliness (toys from recycled milk jugs!), U.S. manufacturing and decent price on quality kids toys. And that's why I am madly in love with this company! They are company with values, but also darn great products. The Green Toys line are simple and lasting pieces that will encourage imagination.

Yank the cord out, and shut down the wi-fi! It's time for all little beasties to go out and be wild.

 Let them jump until their hearts are content!

Let them float and fly high!

Let them dig deep!

Let them roll with it!

Let them party in the garden!

Let them make a splash!

April 22nd is Earth Day!

Teach the children in your life to value their home planet with an environmentally friendly planting set. They'll get 3 organic seed pellets with their kit: teddy bear sunflower, zinnia and Basil. Orchestrate a great Earth Day teaching moment (and cherished memory) with this sweet little kit!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Creepy Selfie Alert and Fab Bernie Dexter Dress Review

Is it sad that I couldn't think of anyone to play photographer for this Bernie Dexter dress review? No one I'd be willing to embarrass myself in front of! My husband has no patience for photo shoots, and my daughter takes photographs like the six year old she is. How do those fashion bloggers find people to take 100 pics of them standing in the street in a different outfit everyday? Jeez. I need some friends.

But even from the creepy selfie, you can tell this is a gorgeous dress. 

And here is the dress worn by a professional beauty. Isn't she stunning?

*The Elaine Pinup Dress in Lilac Print is 100% cotton. It is both durable and breezy.
*Made in the USA! 
*The lilac print is so vivid. The color just screams, "Spring time!"
* The fabric has such a high thread count and is so opaque, that it passed the no-show test against my hot pink bra and even braless-ness!
*The fitted waist and full skirt is so feminine and flirty. I feel like a starlet in an old movie. A romantic movie, at that!
*Sturdy zipper for easy dressing.
*Hidden pockets! 
*Modest and flattering below the knee length.
*Wide comfortable straps that don't dig into the shoulders when I sit.
*The cute white ribbon waist sash is stitched into the back of the dress so it won't twist or get lost.
*Sweet, little white bows on the straps.
*It's fitted at the waist,but leaves plenty of breathing and moving room. I could wear it all day.
*If you are having a day when you don't feel pretty, throw a dress like this on, and suddenly, you'll want to do things like take selfies. I just want to be seen in it!

*At $108, it's more than I'm used to paying for a dress. (But I know it'll be around for my daughter to wear someday when she's grown.)
* I ordered an XL, which was just a hair big on me. That's not the company's fault, but I say order a size down!
*The dress has pleats, which makes it twirlable and flouncy, but also makes big hips (like mine) look even bigger. Just something to think about if you have child-bearing hips. I'm personally think it just adds to the curvy silhouette!

I have never been more pleased with a clothing item than I was this dress. It's total quality, and makes me feel cute, like I want to giggle and flirt and have a picnic. (It would be such a good picnic dress!) If you like retro styles, I recommend that you go to their site and pick yourself out something pretty! Tres chic!

A few more darling pieces from Bernie Dexter....

Friday, March 21, 2014

Eco Eggs, American Made Easter Eggs

I would borrowed money from a loan shark and made a Vegas bet that there was no longer an American company producing plastic Easter eggs. If you look in chain stores, all those sacks of shiny, plastics ovals have "Made in China" printed on them. (Have the kids in China ever gotten to even hunt the eggs or play with any of the bright, plastic do-hickies their country manufactures for us? I wonder...)

Then, I saw people on ebay selling eggs from Eggsville, USA. And I felt really hopeful. Until I saw this article from Democratic Underground. Here's a snippet from the article:

"About 110 seasonal employees were also laid off and a skeleton crew of a dozen workers will remain at the plant until it is sold or a partner is found, said Nicholas Poulis, president of Bleyer Industries, which owns the plant.
Poulis said sales have been lost to foreign manufacturers over the past five to eight years."
This was an article from 2004, and sadly, it looks like the company never got back up and running.

But then, I discovered eco eggs, which are not only made in the USA, but are biodegradable. How awesome is that? A 12 count box is only $5 on But... you have to buy wholesale. You have to at least buy the case of six. That's 72 eggs! If you have an enormous family or a group event, it's a great deal. I'm still going to try to find a smaller box to order.

Amazon has a slightly better price on eco eggs. 100 eggs for $26.99.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

One Upon a Time, A Girl Got Fat, And Went Looking For a Scale

Once upon a time, there was a princess. Okay, not so much a princess, but a girl. Fine--not a girl, but a-practically-middle-aged-woman. Anyhow this chick got fat. She didn't want to calorie count so she tried to de-fat herself with dancing, low carbs, high fat, ice therapy, hypnosis, aerobics, never sitting down, sweat outs, high temps,cleanses, low temps, veggies only, juices only, the French diet, no sugar. But... she just got FATTER so she picked up her pencil and calculator (actually, MyFitnessPal app). The thing she didn't want to do--that awful thing called "calorie counting" --must be done. No!!!!

 And so begins the girl's quest. No, not the weight loss quest. Well, that too, but first she had to buy a scale to heave herself upon. She insisted that scale be American made. Damn it.
Big Lots do you have an American made bathroom scale? No...
Ollie's do you have an American made bathroom scale? No
Family Dollar?
Finally, the girl went to ye olde Wal-Mart. There were six models of scales, but, nay, nary a one was made in the USA. All were manufactured in the Orient.

She consulted her oracle, Le WorldWideWeb. The oracle could produce no vision of it. Defeated, the girl used her coinage to purchase an imported scale. Now, she was sad and fat. The End. 

True Story! Riveting, I know.

If any of you know where an American manufactured bathroom scale can be bought, please leave a note in the comment section!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Birthday Giveaway!

A few days ago, I turned mumble mumble--Well, if you must know, I turned 27. Plus ten. Okay, I'm 37! Every girl's dream come true: Middle Age! But all joking aside, I had a marvelous birthday at the beach. The universe gave me cupcakes, a rainbow, a shark, and a killer ocean view.

Giveaway: And I want to share my birthday blessings with you! I'm giving away a $37 Amazon e-card to celebrate my ripe, old age!

Look! You can buy yourself a beach-themed happy, if you feel a little hungry for the ocean after seeing my birthday pics.

You can even buy your own shark!

Or for all you surfer wannabes like me, a beach beauty kit.

And, okay, this is more than $37, but as an Esther Williams fan, I couldn't resist. (And if that name doesn't ring a bell, you need to go Netflix her films right now, this very minute!)

(And naturally, it's all Made in the USA. On this blog, it'd be weird if it wasn't, right?)You know the drill, my friends.

 Fill out the rafflecopter for entries!

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Friday, February 28, 2014

Whole Lotta 90's Going On!

Ahhh... The 1990's. Whether you recall crop tops, baby doll dresses and bicycle shorts fondly or with a total body shutter, the fashions from the early part of the decade are back in a major way. Call it nostalgia, but I love seeing this generation dressed like Blossom and Vanilla Ice.

And nobody is bringing it back harder than American Apparel!

Spandex? Not for me! Even when I was a skinny teenager, I wasn't pulling off that look. Ugh, the way it hugs every butt dimple!

High waisted jeans, how I've missed you. I wish I was kidding.

American Apparel has some great sales right now, too. Like this Two-tone jewel, which is only $15!

Remember high cut swimsuits? I don't know why, but I kind of wan one. They all look like something the workout instructors wore in their videos in the 80's and 90's. Love it! Check them out, and tell me what you think! Love it or hate it?